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King County   Auburn, WA   Full-time
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**This recruitment is open to King County employees and the general public**
Are you knowledgeable about what it takes to make “the rubber meet the road” for newly purchased buses?  
Does the idea of traveling, networking with other industry leaders, and fast-tracking your career development within Fleet Procurement excite you?    

King County Metro Transit’s Fleet Procurement team is immediately hiring for FIVE (5) Bus Assembly Inspectors to help ensure new buses are assembled, tested, and received to the agreed-upon specifications and safety standards. Note: This position requires a significant amount of extended out-of-state travel, with some assignments lasting a year or more.

Bus Assembly Inspectors are a representative of King County Metro Transit at the bus manufacturing and assembly plants located across North America. They are responsible for overseeing the assembly and quality assurance program on site during the builds.  This role has a direct impact on Metro Transit’s sustainability goals, our ability to meet and expand our services to the community, the safety of our drivers and riders, and the security of our capital investments. Our ideal candidates will have broad mechanical knowledge, knowledge of the procurement process, excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to always maintain positive and professional working relationships with our contractors, independent problem-solving skills, and the flexibility to adapt to non-traditional work schedules and frequent assignment changes on short notice.

You may be assigned to work at production plants located in various locations, such as :  Minnesota, California, Alabama, New York, and Canada. King County Metro will pay employees a 5% “out-of-state” premium for all time spent working during out-of-state assignments (this premium does not apply to work performed in Washington State.)  The County will also reimburse for eligible travel expenses such as flights, lodging, rental cars, and per diem meals. While in travel status, the inspectors will be responsible for paying state income tax for the state in which the project is taking place.

This position is considered safety sensitive. Applicants for positions defined as safety sensitive are required to undergo drug testing prior to employment and, subsequent to commencement of employment, will be subject to random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return to duty and follow-up drug and alcohol testing in compliance with Federal DOT alcohol and controlled substances testing program protocols.
 King County Metro Transit is a regional leader in helping people move quickly throughout the region, reducing commuter stress, greening the environment and radically improving urban air quality, by providing comfortable, effective transit services for the thousands of commuters and other residents of King County, Washington.  Working for Metro means working for a leader in this nation's public transportation industry. 

Job Duties


The responsibilities of the King County Metro Bus Assembly Inspectors include the inspection of buses during all stages of production and assembly at the bus manufacturers’ facilities, with the primary responsibility to ensure buses are manufactured in accordance with King County Metro contract specifications.   This includes post-delivery inspections of buses to address any deficiencies arising out of delivery to King County Metro.  The Bus Assembly Inspector serves as King County Metro’s representative at the bus manufacturer’s plant during the assembly of all buses; monitors the contractor’s assembly processes and quality assurance program; and provides written reports to the assigned Contract Administrator.  Bus Assembly Inspectors conduct local post-delivery inspections of buses at bus manufacturers’ local facilities; determine if the delivered buses pass or fail final inspection; then assess if the buses meet the requirements for official acceptance or rejection by King County Metro.   Additionally, the Bus Assembly Inspectors monitor and inspect manufacturers’ repairs and retrofits to new bus fleets prior to acceptance. Assignments change at the direction of the Contract Administrators to include:  Prototype review, special projects, testing, and support of test programs

While not in the field assigned to active builds, the responsibilities of the Bus Assembly Inspector include creating and maintaining new vehicle orientation courses for training Metro’s in-house trainers, assisting with Prototype and demo bus review.  This includes driving and testing to ensure new fleets meet the performance requirements outlined in King County Metro’s technical specifications.   Inspectors support NRV and Accessible Services with new vehicle inspections at multiple points in the delivery and acceptance process. Inspectors also work with Vehicle Maintenance on Warranty; attend open issues meetings, travel to the bases to attend huddle meetings when needed, supply direct procurement support to bases, and facilitate feedback and communication from the bases to Fleet Procurement.

Applying equity and social justice principles is a daily responsibility and a foundational expectation for all King County employees. In this role you will apply equity and social justice principles that exemplify shared values, behaviors and practices to all aspects of the work. As a Bus Assembly Inspector, you will also:
  • Ensure each bus is manufactured in accordance with all (MTD) Metro Transit Department contract requirements and specifications, including all Federal Transit Administration and other federal requirements. 
    • Use manufacturer’s engineering drawings 
    • Build prints to verify conformity of all requirements.
  • Serve as Metro Transit Department’s official representative at the bus manufacturer’s plant throughout the bus production process. This includes the post-delivery final inspection process for vehicles delivered to King County Metro Transit 
  • Conduct inspection and approve vehicles for delivery at bus manufacturer’s plant that triggers the first progress payment milestone if required and conduct inspection including approval of vehicles for acceptance at MTD which triggers second progress payment milestone. 
  • Identify design problems and inform the Contract Administrator of compliance issues found during the pre-production, production and assembly phases of vehicles. 
    • Identify contract compliance issues requiring review and approval by Transit Fleet Procurement and Contract Management (TFPCM)’s Contract Administrator. 
    • Participate in resolution of compliance issues, while ensuring manufacturer compliance with MTD specifications. 
    • Identify and notify the bus manufacturer of contract compliance deficiencies in writing. 
    • Request design and/or process solutions to be reviewed with the Contract Administrator that assure compliance with MTD contract requirements and specifications. 
  • Conduct quality control and production analysis of the entire bus build from the point of raw materials to a final MTD acceptable product. This includes the creation of a Resident Inspector’s Manufacturing Report at the conclusion of every build.
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with bus manufacturers, OEM vendors, engineers and others routinely and frequently encountered in the course of this work. 
  • Work independently in remote locations for extended periods of time with limited supervision. 
  • Communicate with Transit Fleet Procurement and Contract Management (TFPCM)  via telephone, e-mail, interactive video conference. 
  • Utilize Microsoft Office tools; learn specialty software of the work unit. 
  • Lead and/or participate in meetings with bus manufacturer’s officials. 
    • Production meetings; assembly meetings; daily/weekly quality circles; production team meetings; QA meetings; bus builder’s entity-wide team meetings involving production, engineering, contracting and QA teams. 
  • Participate in key meetings with TFPCM throughout critical stages of contract administration, including but not limited to: 
    • Participate in design review meetings with TFPCM and bus manufacturer 
    • Participate in pre-production meetings with TFPCM and bus manufacturer 
    • Participate in review of prototype vehicles 
    • Evaluate prototype vehicles 
  • Make formal and informal presentations of TFPCM and to the bus manufacturer on the status of vehicle production progress, and status of resolution of issues of non-compliance. 
  • Participate in key meetings with Transit Fleet Procurement and Contract Management (TFPCM) throughout critical stages of procurement process, including but not limited to: 
    • Review of the draft technical specifications 
    • Review of the final technical specifications 
    • Review of the Request for Deviations 
    • Participate in the evaluation of initial proposals 
    • Participate in technical discussions 
    • Evaluate demonstration vehicles 
    • Participate in Best and Final Offer evaluation 
  • Mentor new bus assembly inspectors in the field. 
  • Perform other related tasks as required
PLEASE NOTE:  Relationship management with our contractors is extremely important in this position and requires a high level of professionalism even during off-hours.  Keeping this in mind, in the event the County’s Inspector or a delegate becomes unacceptable to the Contractor, the Contractor will notify the County’s Contract Officer. The County and the Contractor will promptly discuss the matter. Replacement of any County Inspector shall be at the full discretion of the County.

REPORTS TO: During builds the inspectors report to the Vehicle Procurement Administrator assigned to manage that build.  For personal, personnel or disciplinary concerns the inspectors report to the Superintendent of the Transit Fleet Contract Management Group or their designated representative.

Experience, Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills

To be considered eligible for this position, candidates must meet the following MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:

  • Thorough knowledge of transit vehicle maintenance, preferably in variety of areas including mechanical, electrical, electronic and body/chassis 
  • Knowledge of quality control, vehicle production, and assembly
  • Ability to act independently and proactively to meet the needs of the Department, to make independent decisions and to provide quality customer service. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills that allow you to effectively engage in and sustain relationships with people from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills. Ability to effectively communicate with members of a diverse community and work effectively with the public and other agencies, and problem-solving processes. 
  • Skill in comprehending, analyzing and interpreting technical information
  • Skill in taking the initiative to identify improved and/or more-effective design strategies
  • Skill in organizing work assignments, setting priorities, and accomplishing objectives without direct supervision
  • Skill in working under pressure and meeting deadlines
  • Skill in reading, interpreting and effectively utilizing management informational reports
  • Skill in developing, analyzing and implementing procedures
  • Basic skill in the use of a computer  and appropriate applications
Our most competitive candidates will possess these DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS:
  • Skill in operating transit buses of various lengths to conduct road testing of new buses is required.
  • Ability to be innovative and creative and contribute to the development and implementation of new procedures, practices and policies. 
  • Ability to manage complex processes, meeting deadlines and achieving goals.
  • Demonstrated ability to read, comprehend and interpret vehicle procurement contracts, technical specifications, and engineering drawings
  • Knowledge of vehicle production and assembly techniques and methods
  • Knowledge of in-plant inspection in a bus manufacturing plant environment 
  • Knowledge of Federal, State and local regulations and standards regarding vehicle production
  • Knowledge of quality assurance and quality control principles and techniques in a manufacturing environment
  • Ability to effectively present complex technical information to a wide variety of audiences 
  • Demonstrated skill in successfully advocating a position and achieving a desired result through negotiation and facilitation.
  • The ability to foster positive, proactive work relations in a diverse, collaborative work environment. 
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite tools including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.
  • Any combination of education and experience that clearly demonstrates the ability to perform the job duties of the position.
  • Residency: Candidates must be residents of Washington State 
  • Within 2 weeks of receiving an offer for hire, we require proof of:
    • Application for a US Passport
    • A clean driving record
    • A valid Washington State drivers license with the following CDL endorsements:
      • Passenger Endorsement
      • No air brake restriction
      • Current and valid CDL health card
      • Interstate CDL license (and maintenance of this license)
  •  Within 60 days of hire, we require proof of:
    • Possession of a valid US Passport

Supplemental Information


Work is generally performed in a bus manufacturing/assembly plant environment. Road tests involve operating transit buses on city streets, urban and rural highways and the Bus Assembly Inspector will encounter the typical hazards associated with driving a bus in those environments. The transit buses may vary in length, handling characteristics, and powertrains. Incoming post-delivery inspections may be performed at Metro or the bus manufacturer’s local contracted facilities. This position is based in Seattle, WA, but requires the ability to travel up to 100% of the time, for extended periods in sometimes extremely cold climates.
Work is normally performed Monday through Friday, although the demands of the position may require shift work, or weekend hours. Inspectors often need to flex their hours to mirror the working hours of the production plant.   Bus Assembly Inspectors may be required to execute a Telecommuting Agreement given the duties of their role are performed predominantly out of state in a production plant work environment.  
  • You will be assigned to work at production plants located in various locations, such as:  Minnesota, California, Alabama, New York, and Canada.
  • When working locally, this position is based out of the King Street Center (201 S. Jackson St., Seattle, WA) although the receipt and inspection of vehicles occurs at various sites across King County.
Who may apply: This position is open to King County employees and the general public.
  •  An online King County application with updated contact information, and relevant work history going back at least 10 years. All duties, dates of employment, and reasons for leaving explained must be explained clearly. Do not state “see resume”—detailed information about each position, termination reasons, and full job duties are a requirement for consideration.  
  • Responses to required supplemental questions
  • An attached letter of interest which addresses the following prompts:
    1. Explain how you are qualified to perform  the  duties of a Metro  Bus Assembly  Inspector.
    2. Provide  detailed information on your technical experience  as it relates  to  the  job description.
    3. Describe  any  previous experience  as a Bus Assembly  Inspector of transit  bus assembly.
    4. Add any other information that you would like us to consider while reviewing your letter of interest.
**Applicants are encouraged to attach an updated resume!**
(although this is not required) 

Current King County Employees:  Be sure to include your current position and separately list each previous position you held at King County. If you have questions about this, please contact the Recruiter listed below or visit the Career Support Services page for tips and guidance regarding general recruitment processes at King County: Career Support Services - King County
Applicants who are unable to apply online should follow the instructions at  Application FAQ’s- King County.

Applications will be screened for qualifications, clarity and completeness. The most competitive applicants may be invited to one or more interviews and a hands-on practical test.  Formal offers will be finalized after candidates have successfully completed any pre-employment processes such as:
  • Pre-employment physical examination (if required)
  • Driving abstract review  
  • Drug and alcohol testing provisions (for safety sensitive positions as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation, 49 CFR Parts 40 and 655)
  • Reference checks  
  • Work Record Reviews for internal candidates (see below)
Work Record Reviews for Internal Candidates  

Candidates will be required to meet these work record criteria at the time of appointment: 

  • Calculation Criteria :Calculations will use the candidate's most recent 18 months of County employment. One month is defined as a calendar month in which the employee has worked 15 or more full or partial days.

  • Screen-out Threshold: Applicants scoring 15 or more points will be screened out of the selection process. 

  • Points Assignment and Screen-out Threshold :Points will be assigned within the work record categories below. 

  • Misses: 

  • Unexcused Absences - 6 points each 

  • Absences and Late Reports - 3 points each (purged absences and late reports will be counted) 

  • Infractions: 

  • Major Infractions - 18 points (previous 36 months) 

  • Suspension or decision-making leave - 10 points 

  • Written reminder - 5 points 

  • Oral reminder - 3 points 

  • Accidents (includes all preventable accidents) 

  • Severe accidents - 18 points 

  • Major accident - 9 points 

  • First minor accident - 5 points 

  • Each successive minor accident - 7 points 


The work associated with this position will be performed through a combination of remote teleworking  when out of state, and onsite work and meetings when working locally in Washington.  When assigned locally, employees will have access to shared workspaces at various King County facilities. Employees must reside in Washington state and within a reasonable distance to their King County worksite to respond to workplace reporting requirements when state-side. 

Employees will be provided with a County issued laptop and must maintain a workspace with an internet connection (access may be supplemented in some situations) where they can reliably perform work and remain available and responsive during scheduled work hours. King County has a
 robust collection of tools and resources to support working remotely, and remote workers are encouraged to take advantage of them when working in the field. Please note that when an employee conducts work that is likely to bring them in contact with another individual, safety precautions are required, including the wearing of masks in some situations. King County is doing its part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and remains committed to reducing our carbon footprint. 

PROTEC17 : Professional and Technical Employees, Local 17 Classification/  Bus Assembly Inspector / job code  240104

Pay grade 56. This position is exempt from the provisions of the FLSA and is not eligible for overtime hours. Step increases within the pay grade occur at the completion of the probationary period, and annually thereafter.
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The Executive Branch includes employees in the Executive branch, the Assessor’s Office, Elections, the King County Sheriff’s Office, and the Executive Office. King County is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Employer. No person is unlawfully excluded from employment opportunities based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation and pregnancy), age, genetic information, disability, veteran status, or other protected class. Our EEO policy applies to all employment actions, including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, selection for training, promotion, transfer, demotion, layoff, termination, rates of pay or other forms of compensation.

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No person is unlawfully excluded from employment opportunities based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation and pregnancy), age, genetic information, disability, veteran status, or other protected class. Our EEO policy applies to all employment actions, including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, selection for training, promotion, transfer, demotion, layoff, termination, rates of pay or other forms of compensation.

King County Executive Branch employees are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. If you are the successful candidate for the position you applied for, the County will send you a conditional offer letter. As a condition of employment, prior to a final offer of employment, you will be required to:
  •  submit proof of vaccination or
  • have an approved request for medical or religious exemption and an approved accommodation.
Philosophical, political, scientific, or sociological objections to vaccination will not be considered for an exemption or accommodation. People are considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 two weeks after receiving the final dose of a vaccination approved by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you are interested in pursuing this position, please follow the application instructions carefully. If you need this announcement in an alternate language or format, would like to request accommodation or assistance in the application or assessment process or if you have questions please contact:  Emily Clark at emclark@kingcounty.gov

King County offers a highly-competitive compensation and benefits package designed to meet the diverse needs of our employees and support our employees' health and well-being.  Eligible positions receive the following benefits and have access to the following programs:

  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage: King County pays 100% of the premiums for eligible employees and family members
  • Life and disability insurance: employees are provided basic coverage and given the opportunity to purchase additional insurance for both the employee and eligible dependents
  • Retirement: King County employees are eligible to participate in a pension plan through the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems and a 457(b) deferred-compensation plan
  • Transportation program and ORCA transit pass
  • 10 paid holidays each year (plus 2 personal holidays)
  • Generous vacation and paid sick leave
  • Paid parental leave, family and medical leaves, and volunteer leave
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Wellness programs
  • Onsite gyms and activity centers
  • Employee giving program
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Flexible schedules and telecommuting options, depending on position
  • Training and career development programs
For additional information about employee benefits please visit our Benefits, Payroll, and Retirement Page.

This is a general description of the benefits offered to eligible King County employees, and every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy.  If any information on this document conflicts with the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the CBA prevails.  Also, in the event of any incorrect information in this document, applicable laws, policies, rules, CBAs, or official plan documents will prevail.
NOTE:  Benefits for Term Limited Temporary (TLT) or Short Term Temporary (STT) positions, including leave eligibility and/or participation in the pension plan through the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems, will vary based upon the terms and details of the position. Short Term Temporary positions are not eligible for an ORCA transit pass.
For inquiries about the specifics of this position, please contact the recruiter identified on this job posting.

How many years of In-Plant Bus Inspection experience do you have?
  • None
  • 0-3 years
  • 3-5 years
  • 5-7 years
  • 7+ years
How many years of experience do you have with transit and/or heavy duty vehicle procurement?
  • None
  • 0-3 years
  • 3-5 years
  • 5-7 years
  • 7+ years
Please list where you obtained this experience and your job title(s).
Please briefly summarize your knowledge of transit and/or heavy duty vehicle procurement as outlined on the job announcement. Be specific about the length and nature of your experience and the scope of your responsibilities.
Please the areas below in which you have working knowledge or proficiency. (Check all that apply)
  • In-Plant Inspection
  • Project management skills or experience
  • Quality assurance and quality control principles in a manufacturing environment
  • Mechanical-related vehicle maintenance
  • Electrical/ Electronic-related vehicle maintenance
  • Chassis or body work-related vehicle maintenance
  • Other vehicle maintenance knowledge or experience
  • Federal, state, and local regulations regarding vehicle production
  • Utilizing and interpreting vehicle procurement contracts
  • Contract administration
  • Reading and utilizing technical vehicle specifications and engineering drawings
  • Vehicle production and assembly techniques and methods
  • Process improvement techniques and principles
  • Reading, interpreting and effectively utilizing management informational reports
  • Organizing work assignments, setting priorities, and accomplishing objectives without direct supervision
  • Analyzing and interpreting technical information
  • Negotiation techniques/strategies
  • Development and implementation of new procedures, practices and policies.
  • Presenting complex technical information to a wide variety of audiences
  • Sustaining professional relationships with people from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds in a high-pressure environment
  • Operating and conducting road testing on a transit buses of various lengths
  • Customer service skills that represent Metro's commitment to customer service excellence
  • None of the above, but I'm willing to learn
This position requires you to obtain a valid US Passport. Proof of application is due within 2 weeks of offer, and proof of possession is due within 60 days of hire. Are you willing to meet this requirement?
  • Yes
  • No
If offered the position, you will have 2 weeks to present proof of a Washington state drivers license with the following CDL endorsements:
1. Passenger endorsement
2. No air brake restriction
3. Current and valid CDL health card
4. Interstate CDL License
Select the response below that reflects your willingness and ability to meet this requirement.
  • I currently have a valid Washington state drivers license, and a CDL with all 4 required endorsements
  • I currently have a valid Washington state drivers license, but no CDL. I am in process of obtaining a CDL with the proper endorsements
  • I do NOT have a valid Washington state drivers license, and no CDL. I am in the process of obtaining both.
  • I do NOT have a valid Washington state drivers license, and no CDL. I do NOT plan to obtain either of these credentials at any point.
Please indicate the programs/applications in which you are proficient: (Check all that apply)
  • Word processing program such as Microsoft Word
  • Spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel
  • File sharing program such as Sharepoint
  • E-mail program such as Microsoft Outlook
  • None of the above
When applying for this position, you must thoroughly complete the education and work experience sections of your application. This application process also requires you to answer all supplemental questions, and attach a letter of interest that addresses 4 prompts (listed on the job announcement). Failure to do so can result in disqualification from consideration. Resumes are encouraged but not required. Please check off all of the items that you have completed in your application materials:
  • Completed education history
  • Detailed description of each position you have held in at least the last ten years, including any relevant job history that may be outside of ten years. Please list gaps in employment and the reason, and any temporary or interim roles you've held at King County.
  • Reason for leaving employers, (in case of termination, state why you were terminated)
  • Supervisor name
  • Employer phone number
  • Responded to all supplemental questions
  • Attached letter of interest that addresses the 4 prompts listed on the job announcement
  • Resume (optional)
Have you been terminated, or have you resigned in lieu of termination, from any position in the last ten years?
  • Yes
  • No
If you answered yes to the previous question, please provide the name of the employer(s) and the reason for termination(s). Please understand that "Will explain in interview" is not a valid response and will result in your application not being considered further. (If not, please answer "N/A")
If you have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, will you need accommodation in the testing process? This confidential information is solicited for the purposes of providing reasonable accommodation for the testing process only.
  • Yes
  • No
I certify that the statements made by me on the application and supplemental questions are, to the best of my knowledge, true, complete and correct. I understand that any misrepresentation or material omission of fact on this or any other document required by King County may constitute grounds for rejection, or if employed by King County, for disciplinary measures, including dismissal.
  • Yes
  • No
I have read the job announcement and understand the duties and requirements for this position. I also understand that the provisions of the job announcement do not constitute an express or implied contract. I further understand that any employment offer may be subject to successful completion and results for drug and alcohol background check, pre-employment physical, drug testing, reference checks, driver's record evaluation, and criminal history checks. Having applied for employment with King County, I give my consent that any person, firm or organization listed hereon is authorized to furnish King County with reference material concerning my character, past employment or any other information requested. I hereby authorize the full release of my employment and work record to King County for the purpose of evaluation and consideration for employment including, but not limited to, specific reasons and details regarding my resignation and/or termination, attendance and punctuality, infractions or any disciplinary actions I may have received, and disclosure of all performance evaluations for the previous ten (10) years. I agree to hold current or former employers harmless from any claim or action based upon the release of information or documentation relating to my employment record. I acknowledge I have read and understand the above information. By checking this box and completing by name in the field below, I provide my consent for King County to obtain the above referenced information.
  • Yes
  • No
Are you applying to this position as an eligible current or previous King County Employee Priority Placement Program Participant? Is this position the same or lower percentage of full-time when compared to the position held at the point of the notification of layoff? Do you possess the skills and abilities to qualify for this position?
  • Yes, I was given a layoff notice from my role at King County and I am within two years of the effective date of my layoff. Additionally, the position I was laid off from was the same or a higher percentage of FT status when compared to this one.
  • No.
If you answered yes to the question above and you are applying for this position as a Priority Placement Participant, to be considered, you must provide the following three pieces of information in the space provided: 1. The title you held when you received your layoff notice 2. The department you worked in 3. The effective date of your layoff

Required Question

This job is no longer available.

King County

Auburn, WA