Certified Nurse Assistant or CNA/Home Care Aide dually certified or Nursing Student

Community VNA | Attleboro, MA

This job is no longer available.

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Provides support services under the supervision of the appropriate professional staff that assist the client or family in the achievement of physical and emotional comfort.



·        Massachusetts Certified Nursing Assistant Certification and HCA certificate of

Completion; Nursing Student in accordance with MA Counsel for Home Care

Aide Services

·        Successfully completes the written Home Care Aide competency exam and the skills assessment evaluation

·        Takes oral and written instruction well

·        Demonstrates good communication skills

·        Ability to work in an independent setting

·        Home care experience strongly preferred


Position Responsibilities

Provides personal care services, such as:

·   reading and recording temperature, pulse and respiration

·   maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment

·   bed, sponge, tub or shower bathing

·   shampooing in sink, tub or shower

·   caring for nails and skin

·   oral hygiene

·   assisting with toileting and elimination


Applies safety principles and proper body mechanics to the performance of specific

techniques of personal and supportive care such as ambulation of clients, transferring clients,

assisting with the normal range of motion and positioning and doing household chores


Prepares and provides adequate nutrition and fluid intake within diet restrictions


Performs homemaking and other environmental services that facilitate receiving sanitary and

safe care at home


Observes, reports and documents changes in client status or expectations of service promptly  

to the staff coordinator or Director


Understands basic elements of body functioning and reports changes in client body functions

as indicated


Recognizes emergency situations and implements appropriate emergency procedures when



Understands and meets the physical, emotional and developmental needs of all clients,

including the need for respect of clients, their privacy and their property


Demonstrates utilization of good basic infection control procedures and follows company

procedures, especially in regard to infection control, handling of hazardous wastes, and

safety measures in all instances


Accurately documents care provided and submits day sheets including task sheets within

department time frame


Renders services in strict accordance with the written plan of care


This job is no longer available.