Teaching Assistant 1

University of Western States   Portland, OR   Full-time
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Position Name

Teaching Assistant I


Non-Exempt; Non-benefitted


Less than half time

Work Hours

Up to 18 hours per week; varies each term depending on instructional needs


Variable departments/College of Chiropractic


Associate Dean



Teaching assistants (TAs) in the doctor of chiropractic program (DCP) assist faculty in providing lab instruction and/or remediation in a variety of courses. Teaching assistants may also monitor and engage in open laboratory or review sessions. Subject areas may include, but are not limited to, biomechanics, palpation, adjustive technique, physical therapy, rehabilitation, history taking, communication skills, physical exam, orthopedic testing, case management, report of findings, taping/splinting, minor surgery, and report writing.



List key position responsibilities/duties by category and estimate the percentage of time spent on each responsibility. The total percentage of duties must equal 100%.

Key Responsibilities/Duties

% of Duties

Observe, assist, demonstrate and offer constructive feedback to students in clinical skills development instructional lab sessions. Note: TAs who begin work prior to attainment of an Oregon chiropractic license within 6-months of hire are not permitted to perform chiropractic adjustments for demonstration purposes.


Reinforce course content and instructions that are being taught by course instructor(s) and refrain from introducing outside concepts.


Review course content on WebCampus prior to class or instruction to be adequately prepared for work duties.

Participate in formative and summative evaluation of students’ clinical skills competencies as outlined by course instructor(s).

As appropriate, perform simulations of various conditions which may include having students take histories and perform examination procedures on the teaching assistant.

As appropriate, perform simulations of various conditions which may include having students take histories and perform examination procedures on the teaching assistant.

Perform other duties as assigned by the lead instructor, department chair, dean and/or assistant dean.




The following Core Values are integral to working at UWS. All employees, regardless of their position within the university, are expected uphold the Core Values and demonstrate associated competencies.

Best Practices

We maintain high standards by using and integrating evidence across multiple disciplines. To accomplish this, We:

•         Seek out and use relevant data to inform our decision-making.

•         Incorporate peer-reviewed research and professional experiences into academic discourse and patient care.

•         Promote student learning through excellence in instruction and assessment.


We are innovative, open minded, and forward thinking. To accomplish this, We: 

·         Approach our work with curiosity, inquisitiveness and willingness to think outside the box.

•         Value and consider new ideas and ask, “What if...?”

•         Remain open to change in order to advance and improve.


We are respectful, mindful, and welcoming of different ways of being, thinking, and doing. To accomplish this, We:

·         Actively listen to diverse perspectives and value different viewpoints and experiences.

·         Promote the equity of ideas, resources, power, and identity for all.

·         Gather information and input from diverse groups to develop a common vision, improve policies and practices, and advance institutional goals.


We are responsible, respectful, and accountable. To accomplish this, We:

·         Demonstrate civility in all our interactions, especially when there are disagreements or differing opinions.

·         Take ownership of our speech, conduct, demeanor, and deliverables.

·         Adhere to established policies, procedures, agreements, and deadlines.

·         Act as thoughtful stewards of the university and its resources.


We work for the common good of students’ academic and professional success. To accomplish this, We:

•         Incorporate student feedback to improve academics and university services.

•         When making university decisions, we ask: What effect will that have on students?

•         Seek to understand the students’ experience through their eyes.

Whole-Person Health

We promote physical, mental and emotional wellness in all facets of the UWS experience. To accomplish this, We:

·         Intentionally cultivate environments that support work-life balance.

·         Consider personal and community wellness in decision-making.

·         Maintain rigorous academic standards while supporting the health and well-being of our students.

·         Include a range of health modalities in the classroom and clinic.






Education & Training

Graduate of a CCE-accredited Doctor of Chiropractic program.
Official transcripts required upon hire.


Certifications & Licenses

Hold an active chiropractic license in good standing, or attainment of an Oregon chiropractic license within 6-months of hire.




Minimum one-year clinical practice experience preferred.

Related Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

Demonstrated proficiency in the clinical skills associated with the instructional assignment.


Other Qualifications

Have sufficient mobility to move among students engaged in various types of lab activities.

Have sufficient visual acuity to accurately identify student psychomotor abilities.

Have sufficient manual dexterity to operate adjusting tables and/or equipment as instructional activities demand.




Applicant screening is continuous, and the position will remain open until filled. Please submit a cover letter, a resume, and the names and contact information of three professional references.

University of Western States conducts background checks for the finalist or finalists of staff and faculty positions. The type of background check will vary by position type.

Upon hire, UWS requires a set of official transcripts for the highest degree currently held. This is for accreditation purposes and must be received within 30 calendar days from the effective date of employment.

University of Western States is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply, visit our website at: https://www.uws.edu/about/employment/.

Click on the big orange button and follow the prompts.

You may attach your materials as Word or PDF documents.


This job is no longer available.

University of Western States

Portland, OR