Director of Food and Beverage

Missoula Osprey | Seattle, WA

This job is no longer available.

Posted: January 11, 2019 2019-01-11T10:00:00+00:00

Under new ownership of Big Sky Professional Baseball, LLC., the Osprey franchise has a vision
toward an even brighter future: maximizing the fan experience, creating a deeper sense of
community value and standing as the centerpiece for everything baseball for our good neighbors
in Missoula.

The Director of Food and Beverage will manage all Food and Beverage Operations at Ogren Park
Allegiance Field. This person reports directly to the Vice President.

We are looking for an experienced Food and Beverage professional with a hunger to be part of the
front office Leadership team and who wants to grow, both personally and professionally, while
learning the business of baseball. Managing an entire Food and Beverage operation for a facility that
can serve upwards of 8,000 people within a four-hour window is an exciting, challenging, and
intense job that requires someone with passion, skill and grit; the job of the Director of Food and
Beverage will be to delight our fans, every time.

This is a full-time role at the home office, but also requires someone who is able to contribute to
the operational components when we’re in the active baseball season.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Oversee the overall operation of all Food and Beverage operations at Ogren Park Allegiance
    Field, including 38 in-season baseball games and all non-baseball events.
  • Establish and exceed strategic goals with respect to profitability margins, waste
    minimization, menu selection, and staffing needs.
  • Create an overall Food and Beverage operations plan that meets or exceeds the standards
    required by our local health department.
  • Manage just-in-time procurement, inventory and waste management.
  • Create and implement a diverse and profitable menu that meets exceeds the needs of our
    customers and fans.
  • Manage monthly food and beverage for out-of-season events season ticket holder events.
  • Hire and manage a quality in-season staff to support all food and beverage operations.
  • Oversee capital expenditure projects relating to our Food and Beverage operations.
  • Create a plan for the food and beverage operation, when possible, to minimize trash waste
    through recycling or compostable product purchasing.

Experience Required:

  • Must be self-motivated and able to manage time, people and resources well
  • Ability to be creative, pragmatic and cost conscious in menu selection
  • Must have restaurant, food service, event and/or catering experience
  • Prior training in safe food handling and responsible alcohol serving is required
  • If otherwise qualified, but without food handling and alcohol serving, the candidate must
    pass certification as a probationary requirement
  • Must possess general computer skills, including Microsoft Office and Excel
  • Must have the ability to get to and from the park with food and beverage products and

If you are innately someone who expects success, understands your strengths, takes creative risks,
makes balanced business decisions, excels in a collaborative environment and thrives when
transparency, respect, passion and self-responsibility defines the working culture, then we’d like to
encourage you to apply to this role.

This job is no longer available.