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Move your medical career beyond routine

You strive to make things better. To save lives and help those in need. For you, medicine isn’t just a job. It’s a mission. As a Navy Doctor, you can pursue your passion for helping others…on base, at sea or wherever duty calls.

As a physician in the Navy Medical Corps, you will attend to service members and their families in much the same way a civilian doctor would. But in the world of Navy Health Care, you will attain a broader spectrum of experience faster as you practice at the forefront of medicine.

When you become a doctor and Medical Officer in the Navy, you’ll move your career far ahead of your peers, with the opportunity to take part in humanitarian relief efforts stateside and around the world. Working at top military medical facilities where you’re privy to advanced training and technology so progressive, the civilian
world may not be aware of it yet. 

Navy Doctors often describe their patients with words like “amazing” and their medical team as “the best.” Like them, you will develop a unique sense of camaraderie and have the ability to focus on the finer points of
medicine without the financial and business complications of private practice

As a Navy Physician, you will help lead the highly respected Navy Health Care team. You may contribute to medical relief efforts across our country and around the globe, serving victims of everything from sickness to combat, from disease to poverty, and from hurricanes to earthquakes.

You’ll utilize breakthrough technologies like Light-Emitting Diode (LED) probes, developed in conjunction with NASA to help heal wounds faster. And you’ll practice the most up-to-date procedures, such as “forward surgery,” that link field medics with larger medical facilities for lifesaving consultation and care. Beyond all this, you will also:

• Earn excellent compensation in an established,
thriving practice
• Experience manageable patient ratios for high-
quality, one-on-one care
• Further your expertise via hands-on experience
and Navy-funded advanced training
• Distinguish yourself with pride and respect as a
Navy Physician and Medical Corps Officer
When you practice Navy Medicine, you won’t
need to deal with many of the roadblocks your
peers will find in civilian medicine:
• No start-up costs
• No malpractice insurance to buy
• No staff to hire
• No equipment to acquire
• No office to furnish

Plus, you’ll have a flexible schedule that
leaves more time for family, personal pursuits
and adventure

This job is no longer available.

US Navy

Pittsburgh, PA