Lift Operators #612407


This job is no longer available.

Posted: September 20, 2019 2019-09-20T00:56:18.396807+00:00

Lift Operators

Mount Snow Ltd. in West Dover, VT seeks 12 Lift Operators, temporary full-time, 11/15/19-4/15/20.

Will execute safe, efficient, & courteous loading, seating, unloading of skiers, snowboarders, & other users; maintain safe levels of snow throughout entire lift station area & maintain safe walking surfaces, ensure guests have proper credentials to access lift system; stop/slow lift for safety/emergency purposes/disabled users; perform daily preoperational checks & inspections to ensure safe operation of lift; respond to & report emergencies & accidents following proper procedures; assist in assuring & monitoring operation of lifts in accordance with applicable rules & regulations of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) & other state/federal regulations.


  • High School Diploma, general education degree (GED) or equivalent;
  • English literacy & communication skills;
  • Ability to lift or move up to 50 lbs & occasionally lift or move more than 100 lbs & perform other physically demanding skills;
  • Ability to work effectively at high elevations, & function effectively in extreme cold weather conditions & other inclement weather.


  • Travel not required.
  • Daily transport to & from worksite not provided.
  • On-the-job training provided. $11.81/hour paid bi-weekly.
  • Overtime, when available, paid at $17.72/hour 35 hours/week.
  • May work on any day of week.
  • Hours from 6am-1pm & may vary.
  • Single workweek used to compute wages.
  • Housing not offered.
  • All deductions from paycheck required by law made.

Reasonable transport & subsistence costs to place of employer-provided if worker completes half of the employment period. Reasonable return transport & subsistence costs provided if worker completes employment period or dismissed early. Reimbursement amount equal to most economical common carrier. Daily subsistence provided at $12.46/day to a maximum of $55/day. Guaranteed work hours for at least 3/4ths workdays in each 12-week period. All required tools, supplies, & equipment provided at no charge. H-2B workers reimbursed in first workweek for all visa-related fees.

This job is no longer available.