Group Leader

Vesuvius USA Corporation | Chicago Heights, IL

This job is no longer available.

Posted: January 06, 2019 2019-01-06T06:53:34.809526+00:00

Group Leader - Pre-cast

Vesuvius USA Corporation is seeking a Group Leader - Pre-cast to work at its office in Chicago Heights, IL: Responsible for managing all programs and processes for our PreCast production.

Requires: Master's degree in Indus Engineering or related & 2 years' experience in the job offered or related occupation, to include 2 years' experience in a manufacturing leadership role, 2 years' experience with large shape precast refractories; & 2 years' experience with prod quality, include incoming inspection of raw materials, finished product inspection, physical testing of materials, & various Quality standards. Experience may be gained concurrently. Employer will accept any suitable combo of education, training, & experience. 

This job is no longer available.