Project Superintendent

Crowder Construction Co | Lebanon, TN

This job is no longer available.

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This position is available in the following locations: NC, VA, SC, GA and TN

Primary function of a Site/Project Superintendent: Responsible for working with the project manager and general superintendent to coordinate planning, scheduling, and construction of projects. Objectives include meeting the owners, designers, and Crowder’s safety, schedule, budget and quality goals. Assigned project responsibilities include, but are not limited to safety, schedule, quality, profit, and loss. May direct multiple superintendents. 



Examine and inspect work progress, equipment and construction sites to verify safety and ensure that specifications are met.

Promote and enforce safety first and foremost.  Look for potential safety issues on the project.

Stay current on safe work practices and OSHA standards.

Work with the General Superintendent to plan any major crane picks ensuring all Crowder policies are met.

Hold all employees accountable for practicing and enforcing safety every day.  Enforce Pre-Task Planning sheets are completed daily and signed for safety


Project Execution & Paperwork

Plan, schedule, and coordinate with subcontractors.  Coordinate efforts with other Superintendents and Foreman.   Monitor job costs.

Review project approved submittals , plans, and specifications to verify accurate and new developments.

Work with the project team to develop a project schedule.  Create and update, on a weekly basis, a two-week schedule showing what work will be accomplished.

Project equipment needs and monitor rental periods.  Understand and utilize all internal resources available.

Clearly express to the project work force the project goals and expectations.  Maintain good relations with the owner.

Do take-offs of formwork and ensure that form materials are on the project when needed.  Calculate concrete pour quantities and schedule pours with the concrete supplier.

Release major materials (i.e. rebar, pads, girders, joints, etc.) so that they will be on the job when needed.  Order small tools and expendables (i.e. nails, saws, drills, wall ties, etc.) in advance and assure that they are available when needed.


Personnel - Project labor requirements, interview, and recommend personnel for hire as needed.  Train and provide feedback as needed.

Quality and Production - Immediately address any and all quality or production issues.  Inspect and correct as needed with supervisory and engineering personnel.   

Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications & Experience: Four years of experience constructing water and wastewater and/or 8 years related construction experience. Thorough knowledge of all aspects of construction including technology, equipment, and methods. Excellent communication, organization, motivation, and leadership skills essential.

Water and/or Wastewater Construction Experience Required.

This job is no longer available.